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Om Overseas Panipat established in 2021 & proud to introduce itself as a Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of various Home Textile & Home furnishing products. Our Specialty is in Sustainable Products, such as products made of Jute, Cotton, Water Hyacinth, and all other natural fibers. They are Braided Rugs, Poufs, Baskets, Cushions, and many more Sustainable Products with our best possible prices. We believe in making only the highest quality products and supplying the same to our valued customers. We are proud of our skilled workforce, our knowledge of the market in India and abroad, and our commitment to providing the very best in customer service. We intend to create ideal products that have character and are cherished for their quality. Our highly trained and skilled staff is capable of producing and delivering designs, colors, patterns, and quality to match the modern market trends and our customer's requirements.

We are devoted to being pro-active in response to every situation with a positive attitude and enthusiastic energy. We are committed to quality service, meeting or exceeding the needs of those who count on our availability and skills. Our clients are constantly aware of the stage of production of their prevailing orders as status reports are provided to them from time to time. We pride ourselves on the delivery of order well within the schedule.


To be an international market leader in the textile industry.


By provide an ever-growing portfolio of high quality, speciality products in the market, whilst maintaining excellent customer satisfaction in every interaction will always be at the heart of our business.

Company Policy:

1) Equal Employment Opportunity/ Non-discrimination:

At OM Overseas we believe that all terms and conditions of employments should be based on an individual’s ability to do the job and not on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.  We deliver employees with a working environment free of discrimination, pestering, bullying or coercion relating directly or indirectly to race, religion, sexual orientation, political belief or debility.  We do not inhibit with individual rights to perceive tenants or practices, e.g. religious beliefs.

2) No Forced Labour:

We do not use any prison, strive, indented, or obligatory labour in the manufacturer of any of our products.  All workers have the right to engage in work wilfully, without surrendering identification and without the payment of fees. It is organization policy that all work would be voluntary and not performed under threat of penalty or coercion. Forced labour, including bonded, trafficked, indentured or prison labour, is prohibited & all the personnel are free to leave at the end of the working hours.

3) No Child Labour:

We do not exploit child labour in the manufacture of any product.  We do not hire any person under the age of 16 (or where local law is set at 14 years, the lower age will apply), or the age, at which compulsory schooling has completed, whichever is greater.

4) Hours of Labour:

We, OM Overseas, uphold reasonable employee work hours based on the limits on regular and overtime hours allowed by local law. Overtime, when needed, is fully compensated according to local law, or at a rate at least equal to the regular hourly compensation rate. Employees are allowed sensible days off and leave privileges.

5) No Coercion and Harassment:

OM Overseas recognizes the value of our staff and treat each employee with self-esteem and respect.  We do not use harsh and unusual punitive practices such as threats or violence or other forms of physical punishment, sexual, mental or verbal harassment or abuse.

6) Fair Compensation:

We, OM Overseas, fairly compensate our employees by fulfilling with all appropriate laws, including minimum wage laws or the prevailing local industry wage, whichever is higher and shall always be acceptable to meet basic needs of personnel and to provide some flexible income.

7) Health & Safety:

We, OM Overseas, uphold a safe, clean and healthy environment in acquiescence with all applicable laws and regulations. All facilities are provided with a extreme protection and safety measures, which do include fire protection, emergency exits and admittance to first aid supplies. The laws on health & Safety in each country are severely respected and met, if not exceeded.

8) Freedom of Association:

OM Overseas salutations the right of all personnel to form and join trade union of their choice and bargain collectively.  Where the fight of freedom of association and cooperative bargaining are restricted under law, we facilitate parallel means of independent and free association and bargaining for all such personnel.  We authorize that representatives of such personnel are not the subjects of discrimination.

Quality Control :-


Order execution and Quality Control –

Orders are closely monitored from sampling to shipment. Status on sampling, production and shipment are transmitted to buyers regularly. We maintain a pro-active approach towards identification of problem areas and corrective measures are taken immediately to ensure timely deliveries.



During Production Check (DUPRO)-

Inspection during production is carried out to check and verify that the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to ensure the average quality standard of production runs.


Final Random Inspection (FIR)-

Final random inspection is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment. FRI is performed according to the International Inspection Standards. The detailed physical inspection of the samples selected at random is based on specifications of the buyers and it covers the criteria such as design / style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing etc.

Lead Time :-

PRODUCTION :- 6-10 Weeks based on quantity and complexity of the Articles.

REPEAT ORDER :- 5-8 Weeks.

Terms :-

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY(MOQ) :- 100 Pcs per Colour & Article.

DELIVERY TERMS :- FOB & CIF Depending on the Agreements.

PAYMENT TERMS :- 100% Advance or 30% Advance and Rest at the time of Delivery OR LC at Sight.

General Details : -





CONTACT NO. : +91 8168923533

WHATSAPP : +91 8168923533





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Village Khukhrana, Assand Road,

Panipat-132105, Haryana, India

Ph: +91 8168923533 

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